2016 Activities

2 - 05 - 2017 News


The International Association IUS PRIMI VIRI, which is non-party and no-profit oriented, was engendered by the will of numerous founding members representing the worlds of law, science and politics.

IUS PRIMI VIRI has a very wide scope of activity, both at the national and international level, which takes place in the field of Human Rights Educati

After the launching of the Decade for Human Rights Education  with the “First European Conference for launching the Decade for Human Rights Education” (Barberini Palace, Rome, 1993), and the establishment, as foreseen by the Final Statement of the European Conference, of an International Standing Committee for the Implementation of the Decade for Human Rights Education, and its First Meeting (School for Advanced Studies for the Police Forces, Rome, 1994), an intense  training activity started  together and with the support of the international organizations.

Master courses were held with the Universities of Rome 3 and Tor Vergata and, with the agreement of the Italian Chief of the Police, for Police Officers (Commissari). An Handbook was also published for training Police officers

After obtaining  in 2004 the Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC ( UN Economic and Social Committee)  for its activity in the field of Human Rights Education, Primi Viri participates with its representatives  in the work of United Nations in its seats of New York, Geneva, Vienna.

Notwithstanding heavy difficulties  in obtaining funds for its activities, the Association pursued in 2016 as well the forecasted activities, submitting projects and participating in international meetings.

In December 2015 the UN published an IPV report ”Rethinking and reinforcing social development in contemporary world”,  submitted and discussed on February 2016 during the 54th Session  of Commission for Social Development held in New York.

IPV organized on January 16 in Bucharest, Hyperion University, the First Regional Meeting of the Commission for Social Development with Civil Society.

The cooperation with FRA(Fundament Rights Agency) Platform of European Union continued: IPV participated in June in Vienna  in the Meeting to celebrate the first 10 years of the Platform and in July in Rome in the meeting with the new FRA director, Michael O’Flaherty and the main Italian NGOs.

In July 2016 IPV participated in the UN ECOSOC High Level Segment meetings with a written and an oral intervention.

In the same period, thanks to  CESV support,  IPV website www.iusprimiviri.org was totally renovated.

On October 10 2016, thanks to a Swiss Government subvention, a Meeting devoted to the Economic Empowerment of Women and Girls was organized by CSW-Geneva, of which IPV is the VicePresident.

In December an IPV delegation participated in the EASO Summit (European Union Obervatory on Migrants) held in Athens.

Moreover, together with  Jinane Univerity, on December 10 a Meeting on the Universality of  Human Rights was organized in Tripoli, Lebanon.

In January 2017, thanks to a series of contacts held in 2016, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the Centre for Intercultural Dialogue in Geneva.

In March 2017, during the CSW61 Session held at the Un in New York a Declaration on Education was submitted together with Soroptimist International and a Side Event on Education was cosponsored.

On May 12 a Side Event on the Importance of Human Rights Education to Develop a Democratic Society will be held together with the Centre for Intercultural Dialogue.

While on June 14, during the Session of the Human Rights Council, IPV wis organizing a Side Event on “Education, Science and Technology”.

IPV will continue to cooperate with FRA Platform participating in the various events it organizes.

In July 2017 IPV will be again participating in the High Level Segment of UN ECOSOC with an oral intervention.

Moreover we foresee to organize a Round Table on Migration in Rome this fall.


Photo credit: stëve via Visual hunt /  CC BY-NC-ND