The Association, in order to implement its aims, pursues a wide scope of activities as  conferences, seminars, studies, research and courses. An important activity is the  organization of Master Courses on Human Rights.

After the launching of the Decade for Human Rights Education with the “First European Conference for launching the Decade for Human Rights Education” (Barberini Palace, Rome, 1993), and the establishment, as foreseen by the Final Statement of the European  Conference, of an International Standing Committee for the Implementation of the Decade for Human Rights Education, and its First Meeting (School for Advanced Studies for the Police Forces, Rome, 1994), an intense training activity started with an innovative methodology at the various levels – from University to kindergartens – together and with the support of the international organizations.

After obtaining in 2004 the Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC ( UN Economic and  Social Council ) for its activity in the field of Human Rights Education, Ius Primi Viri  participates with its representatives in the work of United Nations in its seats of New York, Geneva, Vienna.

Ius Primi Viri has an intense training activity together and with the support of international organizations:
• Training courses for teachers;
• Master courses together with Universities;
• Training courses for civil servants, military and police forces.